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Do You Like Takoyaki?

If you are a Japanese foods' lover, you will be familiar with takoyaki. Nowadays, people tend to eat Asian foods than Western ones. It becomes so popular as so many Asian restaurant opens in the streets. So you do not have to fly to abroad if you want to eat the foods. Amongst Asian foods, takoyaki is one of the most famous foods that is loved by everyone. The shape of takoyaki is like a ball snack that is cooked in a special takoyaki pan. You probably have seen the takoyaki pans in the market but it is so different with the original ones from Japan. It called tako because this snack is filled with diced octopus. Tako also means octopus in Japan. You do not have to worry about the sauces, since it is sprinkled with takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. Some of you might do not know that takoyaki was popularized in Osaka, but now people can find it easily in the street since there are so many people sell takoyaki even in the other regions in Japan.

If you have no time to visit the restaurant, you can make it easily by yourself since it is one of the snacks that is fun to make at home. You can find the takoyaki pan easily at the market or if you do not know how and where to get it, you can find it at Japanese-oriented electronic and house wares stores as well. The things that make you difficult to search must be the ingredients because takoyaki requires some specific Japanese ingredients but do not worry, you can buy it at Japanese grocery stores. The thing that makes it fun is, if you do not like octopus, you can put everything that you like. There are shrimp pieces that can be your options or any other things that you like based on your preference.

What is Yakisoba?

Japan has so many delicious foods, there is a Japanese dish called yakisoba that you have to try. Different from takoyaki which is a snack, yakisoba is a kind of dish. If you have not tried it yet, it is like a fried noodle with vegetables, meat and added by yakisoba sauce. Another thing that is added is carrot and also onion. It is mostly served in a plate but you can also try to eat it like you eat hotdog. They will serve you a yakisoba in the style of hotdog. It also gives different taste, you will love it. If you are going to Japan, you can find it easily at the street vendors there. They usually cook yakisoba on a big grill.

Nowadays people tend to search for Asian restaurants in the street, it becomes popular as so many people are curious about Asian foods especially Japan. Since not all people can fly directly to Japan to try the foods there, so many countries have Japan restaurants. You will find the restaurants easily, so you will get to taste the foods without having to fly abroad. The taste also is the same since the chefs are originally Japanese, so you do not have to worry about the quality. It is kind of hard if you want to make it at home since you have to use certain ingredients like Chuka Men, it is a Chinese style noodles. If you do not eat porks, you can use chicken instead. Besides that, you have to make yakisoba sauce that consist of tonkatsu sauce and other sauces. If you are willing to make it but do not have idea where to buy the ingredients you probably have to go to the Asian groceries, they usually provide some ingredients that is originally from Asian countries, in this case from Japan.


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